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Drama Cop / Investigation
Premiered in 2017 - Status: Returning TV Show
United Kingdom
Last episode : 2x09 - Aired on 2019-03-21
Season 2: 9 épisodes (Sky) - le 10e épisode d'Amazon est en Spécial
Season 3: commandée (6 épisodes) - sera la dernière
A brand-new oil refinery is bringing more to the remote Canadian mountain town Little Big Bear than just new workers and new money. Along with them, this once-idyllic community begins to see an incursion of drugs, prostitution, and organized crime. In the midst of this, the new police chief, Jim Worth, has just arrived from London with his family looking for a more peaceful setting to help him stay on the wagon. Instead, a deliberate, violent act tears the family apart, setting Jim's sights on whiskey and revenge.
Video posted by Caféine and linked by Caféine
Angela Worth:
Jim Worth:
Mrs. Bradshaw:
Anna Worth:
Denise Minahik:
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