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Drama Cop / Investigation
Premiered in 2019 - Status: TBD/On The Bubble
Last episode : 1x08 - Aired on 2019-05-06
Season 1: sur 13e Rue à partir du 10 juin
Rookie Homicide Detective Kate Jameson (Jessica Lucas) is the biracial daughter of an ambitious and well-loved mother, and her dearly departed father who was a decorated Vancouver police officer killed in the line of duty. With the fight for justice deeply rooted in her, Kate’s only desire is to be a good cop like her father. She’s determined to make her mark in Homicide, the MPD’s most coveted assignment. But things go horribly awry on her first day, when Kate breaks the number one rule of policing — never leave your gun unattended. Haunted by her fatal mistake, a driven Kate will seek to make amends through every case and ongoing investigation – including that of a mysterious killer with a particular obsession with Detective Jameson. The Murders is a stylish police procedural with a killer soundtrack, starring Jessica Lucas (Gotham), Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black), Terry Chen (Jessica Jones), and Luvia Petersen (Ghost Wars).
Bill Chen:
Kate Jameson:
Meg Harris:
Michael Huntley:
Nolan Wells:
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